Our lp’s are ageless=It’s resulting in, sometimes, the unevitable, cracking.It’s a part of the nostalgia, isnt'it? Our radioshow ON THE TURNTABLE 33rpm is bringing lp's by famous oldies artists/bands : Programme preview available on the special 'on the turntable' page.

                                                LP  ON  THE  TURNTABLE  TODAY  !!

    We have a large lp 33rpm collection - some very rare- available and w're glad to have one every day on the turntable as a special broadcast radioshow. It's a presentation of the greatest artists and bands of the 50s to the 80s.

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    lp's On the turntable planning for the month of :                               A U G U S T   2020.


    1st   :  LITTLE RICHARD                                               2nd :  NEIL DIAMOND                                                3rd :   FRANK SINATRA                                              4th :   FLEETWOOD MAC                                              5th :   THE PLATTERS                                                    6th :   ELVIS PRESLEY                                                 7th :    A B B A         
    8th :   BILL HALEY  
    9th :   FRANKIE LAINE   
    10th :  TOM JONES  
    11th :   THE BEATLES

    12th :   RAY CHARLES

    13th :   VERA LYNN 

    14th and later : TBA

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