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 jukebox wurlitzerJPG   MIKE JUKEBOX2jpg  One highlight of our oldies music radio broadcast is DJ MIKE WINN from England presenting his "What's on the jukebox?" = a radio show being a trip back in time to the 50s, 60s and 70s. Originaly made for a weekly but now presented as a daily radio show > 7/24.

Broadcasting hours MONDAY to FRIDAY and on SATURDAY  :

(starting approx.) 

between  0 (midnight) & 00.30am, 6 & 6.30 am,

12 (noon) & 12.30pm,  6  & 6.30 pm

TORONTO TIME ZONE =                 EST = UTC/GMT -5 hrs

           music4ever nieuwe logojpg    Other radio stations in our Music4Ever group :

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Our lp’s are ageless=It’s resulting in, sometimes, the unevitable, cracking.It’s a part of the nostalgia, isn’it?Our DJ AQUARIUS is presenting his daily 'THE BEST OF .....' being his personal tracks choice by using lp's out of his personal collection.