logo jukebox-page-001jpg          MIKE JUKEBOX2jpg               logo jukebox-page-001jpg        The highlight of this JUKEBOX MUSIC radio broadcast is DJ MIKE WINN from England presenting his "What's on the jukebox?" = a daily radio show - 7/24 - being a trip back in time to the 50s, 60s. There is also, in between, a presentation by DJ AQUARIUS with music tracks from lp's -33rpm- dating from the 50s, just to remember this unique era in the rock and roll world. 

What's On The Jukebox is an ALL DAY, 7/24, rock ‘n roll radio show presented by Mike Winn from England and is dedicated to the best rock n roll you can find ...... the very best??......

..Yes, it obviously includes all the big names that you'd expect from any self-respecting rock show.... the likes of Elvis, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent,

...... and with a good smattering of the best of the UK rockers too ........ Billy Fury, Marty Wilde, Vince Eager, Cliff, The Shads,

.......and yes ....some earlyBeatles, Stones

....and as well as the US and the UK we will be featuring rock ....occasionally ....from New Zealand ...Holland.....Sweden.....Canada ....from wherever good rock n roll was produced.............our only rule is that it has to be great rock to get on the show!

The DJ : Mike Swinn

I am a real rock n roll enthusiast, and all the records will come from my own collection of over 18,000 albums and 12,000 45s, and its still growing, so we shouldn't run out of raw material!

I was fortunate enough to grow up in the latter part of rock's heyday and having heard the likes of Elvis and Buddy Holly and early Roy Orbison I went backwards to discover all the early rock pioneers and the addiction started then and there and has remained with me all my life and I'd love to share that enthusiasm with you every day, and its free !

After years, and years of listening to the radio you get to know which DJ's reflect your taste in music and who's delivery doesn't detract from the important stuff which is obviously the music, nobody ever complained that the DJ didn't talk enough!! Yes, I do waffle a bit but I do absolutely realise that What's On The Jukebox is all about the music and not me!

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Our lp’s are ageless=It’s resulting in, sometimes, the unevitable, cracking.It’s a part of the nostalgia, isn’it?